Graphic Design Programs

Common types of matrices include: plates of metal, usually copper or zinc for engraving or etching; stone, used for lithography; blocks of wood for woodcuts, linoleum for linocuts and fabric plates for screen printing.

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All have much of the same principles and structure at work, but they all can have a different slant.

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These programs are often 1 or 2 years.

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Nearly all of the popular and "industry standard" software programs used by graphic designers since the early 1990s are products of Adobe Systems Incorporated. Adobe Photoshop a raster based program for photo editing and Adobe Illustrator a vector based program for drawing are often used in the final stage. Designers often use pre designed raster images and vector graphics in their work from online design databases. Raster images may be edited in Adobe Photoshop, logos and illustrations in Adobe Illustrator, and the final product assembled in one of the major page layout programs, such as Adobe InDesign, Serif PagePlus and QuarkXpress. Powerful open source programs which are free are also used by both professionals and casual users for graphic design. These include Inkscape for vector graphics, GIMP for photo editing and image manipulation, Krita for painting and Scribus for page layout. Since the advent of personal computers, many graphic designers have become involved in interface design, in an environment commonly referred to as a Graphical User Interface GUI. This has included web design and software design, when end user interactivity is a design consideration of the layout or interface. Combining visual communication skills with an understanding of user interaction and online branding, graphic designers often work with software developers and web developers to create the look and feel of a web site or software application. An important aspect of interface design is icon design. Graphic design career paths cover all parts of the creative spectrum and often overlap. Working on the basic assumption that the reader is already familiar with the concept of 'what looks good on a page', I focus more on the basic issues of preparing images correctly for print, setting up documents in InDesign and Quark, artwork press preparation, best practices and general workflow.

Graphic Design Programs

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